The ending to Spider-Man: Homecoming came as a surprise to both the audience and Aunt May. Peter’s Aunt, played by Marisa Tomei, walks in on him wearing the Spider-Man costume. She screams, “What the F-” just as she is cut off by the credits. Fans are eager to see the aftermath of this scene, but according to Kevin Feige, we won’t see it for a while.

Kevin Feige was asked by IGN when we would learn how Aunt May reacts to Peter’s alter ego. He responded,

“I think it might be a few years.”

A few years? Well, that makes sense, considering the next two years will be focused on the Avengers. It wouldn’t make sense for there to be a subplot explaining Peter’s personal life, because Infinity War is already full of characters and storylines. We’ll more than likely see the aftermath in Spidey’s next solo film, which will come out on July 5, 2019.


That’s a whole two years without an answer, though. I’m curious to see wether they will pick up right where that scene left off, or if they will act like she’s known his identity for two years. I’m guessing it will be the latter of the two, but there is the possibility that the Homecoming sequel could take place before one of the next Avengers films.

IGN also asked Kevin Feige why they chose Spider-Man to start off Phase 4, right after the 4th Avengers film.

“After this 22 movie saga after untitled Avengers in May ’19, it does seem like you want to get back to ground level, reassess, and who better to do that with than Peter Parker?”

I agree that a more ground level film will be a good breath after the world ending scale of the next two Avengers movies.


Source – IGN

Caleb Sadd

Avengers: Infinity War releases in theaters on May 4, 2018



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