‘Wonder Woman’ has made close to $800 million since it came out in theaters two months ago. The movie made $103.2 million on opening weekend, which was the best opening ever for a female director. Director Patty Jenkins led the way in making the movie the third highest grossing film in Warner Bros’ history, which is an impressive standing.

Patty Jenkins directing.jpg

Jenkins did a wonderful job sharing the story of Diana Prince as Wonder Woman and sharing it with the world. Wonder Woman became the symbol of strength for women worldwide. ‘Wonder Woman’ showed that it is possible to have strong men and women alike, not only in the film industry, but in other aspects of the world workplace.

The mastermind behind ‘Wonder Woman’ is close to becoming the highest paid woman director in Hollywood once it’s confirmed. She is expected to see a big increase in pay and will receive the respect of being at top level. Jenkins was given the opportunity to direct a big project, ran with it and took the film to greater heights. It is unknown what Jenkins will be paid, but it is expected to reach new levels in the film industry for a female director. 

Patty Jenkins

Jenkins first broke through into Hollywood with the Indie film that she wrote and directed, ‘Monster’, in 2003. Actress Charlize Theron starred and won Best Actress that year.

The sequel is expected to be in theaters, December 13, 2019.

What do you think about Jenkins’ possible return to the director’s helm for the ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel once it’s confirmed? Be sure to tweet out to @SuperBroMovies  about your thoughts!

Lucas Talbot

Source: Deadline


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