We just found out that Lucasfilm and Disney are in the early stages of producing a solo Obi-Wan Kenobi film as a part of their new anthology series. Ever since it was announced that Lucasfilm was beginning to dive into spin off film territory- fans have been very vocal about their desire to see young Obi-Wan again on screen. The company loves to think in the long run and Kenobi cannot possibly be the only character that is being considered for his/her own anthology film. The Hollywood Reporter broke the Obi-Wan film news and also added that Boba Fett and Yoda are also in the consideration pool. They also added that this pool features a few other characters, but did not go into further detail. However, Variety did not hesitate to give more details with their report. Thanks to them we can now add Jabba the Hutt to this pool.


The idea of Jabba the Hutt being the center of a Star Wars film has been publicly thrown around before in the industry. During an interview with Yahoo at San Diego Comic-Con in 2015, filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro spoke of this idea. He was asked what his version of a Star Wars film would be and responded with the following:

“I would do the sort of ‘Godfather‘ saga the Jabba the Hutt had to go through to gain control. One, because it’s the character that looks the most like me, and I like him. I love the idea of a Hutt type of mafia, a very complex coup, you know?

Del Toro then stressed that this was just an idea and that there were no current talks with Lucasfilm. Bringing up this interview from two years ago now is not some implication that Del Toro’s idea and film is now sure to happen. Jabba is just one of the handful of characters in the consideration pool. Looking back on his words now is interesting because his idea for a mafia centered film is what probably comes to everybody’s mind when hearing “Jabba the Hutt spin off”. Is this exactly or similar enough to the idea that intrigues Lucasfilm enough to put the Jabba name up for consideration? With these talks within the company being so early much can change from from now til the next official announcement. Perhaps the Jabba film could evolve into a film with himself and an ensemble of bounty hunters? Another idea could be to possibly merge this idea with the Boba Fett concept and have it be a prequel. This seems unlikely right now but who knows? Anything can be deleted or be added to the consideration pool this early in the game.

Source: Variety

Check back soon for more updates on the secretive negotiations for the Star Wars Anthology films- Andrew J. Salazar (@yokis101)


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