Top 5 Villains for Justice League Sequels

Justice League is less than 3 months away, and the hype has never been more real. Updates are coming almost daily, and the DCEU seems to be a machine that is slowly beginning to move. Wonder Woman has broken so many box office records it’s crazy. We know that Steppenwolf, Darksied’s uncle and general is the villain in our first Justice League film. No doubt, there will be more films with our favorite DC super group. Me and the rest of the SuperBros crew were talking, and I decided to make this list of supervillans I want to see in future JL films. I made a top 5 list, and I promise you, you’re going to love it. I mean, I’d love to know what villains you want to see. This is simply a list compiled by myself. In the immortal words of Heath Ledger’s Joker, And… Here… We… Go…

Of course, we have to start at the bottom of our list so…

5. Vandal Savage (1943):

Vandal Savage first appeared in Green Lantern #10 (December 1943). His first television appearance was in 2009 on Smallville under the name Chris Knox played by Dean Cain. He’s such a badass he went back in time, froze hitler, and conquered the world in the JL cartoon. He’s the original caveman, he discovered fire. He’s worked with the Egyptians, conquered the world, destroyed the world and had Superman fix it. Let’s not forget that he was behind everything in Young Justice. Justice League: Doom? His second TV appearance was in season two of Flash, season four of Arrow, and season one of Legend’s of Tomorrow (Yes, all at once). Vandal is definitely a savage. He usually deems his plans as necessary to save humanity, but does so much damage in the process… He just ruins everything in his path. Oh, lest we forget the man is pretty much immortal? His powers come from a meteorite he discovered as a caveman, but in the DCTV universe the meteor strikes ancient Egypt and he gets them then. My only question is, what direction would Geoff Johns/Zack Snyder use with Vandal? There’s so many, our most recent being the DCTV version with him and the Thanagarians Hawkgirl and Hawkman. Either way it goes, Vandal Savage is one hell of a villain, and I would love to see him in a future Justice League film.

4. Darkseid (1970):

His first cameo appearance was in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (December 1970). His first full appearance was in Forever People #1 (February 1971). He’s the dictator of the planet Apokolips, and his species is the New Gods. He wants to rule the universe and enslave every species he can.
Of course, we know he’s coming. We’ve gotten Easter Eggs of Darkseid all inside Batman V. Superman. Batman’s nightmare, the CGI Steppenwolf in the Ultimate Edition, and of course Lex Luthor’s little speech at the end. Darkseid has heat seeking lasers (Omega Beams) that shoot from his eyes, he controls an entire planet, and it usually takes the whole league to defeat him. Darkseid is definitely one of the biggest threats in the whole DC Universe if not the biggest, but you’re probably curious to as why he’s only fourth on our list. Well, simply because, we always see Darkseid. I mean, of course, seeing him on film is going to be crazy. We always see him though, he’s literally in almost everything DC related. So, as badass as Darkseid is, he falls at fourth on our list.

3. Brainiac (1958):


He made his first appearance in Action Comics #242 (July 1958). He’s from the planet Calu. He’s responsible for taking Kandor the capitol city of Krypton (which may or may not be depicted on the new show Krypton). He’s an alien humanoid that’s hellbent on being the smartest being in the galaxy. Brainiac can’t die. I don’t care, I don’t care, and again… I don’t care. Brainiac divised an entire plan to live inside Lex Luthor, and take over the planet. Brainiac brainwashed Supergirl, as did Darkseid. He’s also the main villain in Injustice 2. Of course, we see Brainiac a lot, but not as often as our first two. The anticipation for a JL film with Brainiac as the big villain would off the charts. Brainiac might be one of the more tougher villains for the JL to defeat simply because he comes at you in so many different ways. He’s an evil organic force that always out smarts his adversary. He could easily find a way to live inside of Lex Luthor and use him to take over the planet. We shall see if Geoff Johns and co. decide to use Braniac, but he would be valuable. Just look at the hype that came about him being the villain in Injustice 2, that alone should say everything.

2. Thanagarians (1961):

They hail from the planet Thanagar, and are always ready for battle. Their first appearance was Brave and Bold #34 (March 1961). There is only one way this happens my friends, Hawkgirl needs to be introduced in the films. I know, she was in season one of Legend’s of Tomorrow, but Flash is also in DCTV and well… He’s got a movie coming in the near future. Why not bring in the Egyptian princess? If DC does decide to bring her into the DCEU, the Thanagarians definitely have to appear. The Thanagarians are so bad, Vandal Savage (#5 on our list) had to travel to the future to “ensure humanities safety” in season one of Legend’s of Tomorrow. Have you seen the JL cartoon episodes about the Thanagarians? They had technology to defeat every JL member. The plan they hatched was so good, not even Batman saw it coming. Hawkgirl = Thanagarians, Thanagarians = total chaos, total chaos is everything we need. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I think seeing Katar Hol (Hawkman) and Princess Shyera plus the whole Thanagarian army onscreen would be amazing film.

1. Superman/Justice Lords:

Superman is always the “golden boy,” and he always fights for truths. However, there have been many times he was also the villain. The two most notable appearances would have to be the Justice Lords in 2003, and the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic/video game. The Injustice story or the Justice Lords story would fit this so well, as they both deal with alternate demensions. It seems to be where the DCEU is headed after the Flash appeared in front of Bruce Wayne in Batman V. Superman. His words, “You’re right about him, fear him.” have stuck with me ever since my first time watching. Superman is the most powerful being in the DC Universe, and all it takes is harming his family to make him lose his mind. Once Kal-El loses his mind, we all lose. In Justice Lords, he and the League turned Earth 2 into a world ruled by the League. In Injustice, Superman is the supreme dictator, and anybody who defies him, dies. Superman is the ultimate villain, but he’s also the ultimate hero. The DCEU could definitely use this twist, and I’m sure we’d all enjoy it.

There you have it my friends. My top 5 Supervillans (Threats) I hope we get to see in the DCEU. I hope you guys agree, if you think anybody should be added, taken away, or moved a few spots, let the debate begin! Tweet Geoff Johns, and the rest of the heads in the DCEU and let them know that we want these 5 Supervillans in the JL films. Thanks for reading guys!!

– Rascal F. Kennedy

Justice League hits theatres November 17th, 2017!

Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s (Henry Cavill) selfless act, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) enlists newfound ally Diana Prince to face an even greater threat. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to recruit a team to stand against this newly awakened enemy. Despite the formation of an unprecedented league of heroes — Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash — it may be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

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