Xbox One X Pre-Orders Available Now

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Xbox One X had officially hit stores for pre-order! Listed prices are $499.00, but they aren’t selling fast, especially the Project Scorpio editions. Xbox One X promises to have true 4K gaming and will be implanting updates for over one hundred current Xbox One games for owners of the games to give them the 4K experience.


The Xbox One X will make the transition from your old Xbox to your new one easier than ever, with only downloading your profile all your current games and apps downloaded from that profile will automatically be installed. Soon to be added will also be the feature to set your home background to a new bright version, much like how the Xbox 360 dash was.

Xbox One X will be release on November 7, 2017 so reserve your console now to make sure you get one. Let us know your thoughts on the updated console by tweeting us at @SBArcadeCorner. Remember if you turn in your current console you can get up to two hundred dollars off the Xbox One X at GameStop.

written by-Collin Stetzner


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