David Oyelowo joins the cast of ‘CHAOS WALKING’

Back in 2011, Lionsgate accquired the rights to make ‘CHAOS WALKING’ which is an series of books written by Patrick Ness where the story is set in an dystopian world where inhabitants are plagued by something known as ‘The Noise’ which can read the thoughts of every living being.

With the film currently just beginning production with Doug Liman directing, the current cast consists of Tom Holland who is attached to play the male protagonist character of ‘Todd’, Daisy Ridley attached to play the female protagonist ‘Viola’, Nick Jonas attached to play Mayor Prentiss son with Mad Mikkelsen playing Mayor Prentiss himself who will be the villain of the film.


However an new cast member has been added to the list is David Oyelowo, he is known for roles in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Selma and most notably, Star Wars Rebels, where he voices Agent Kallus. David Oyelowo has been cast to play the character of Aaron who is the mad priest of Prentissdown and will find himself at odds with Tom Holland’s character Todd, as the character is described as an militant figure who stands by Mads Mikkelsens character, Mayor Prentiss’ side.


CHAOS WALKING is currently filming with a release date set for an unknown date in 2019 with the current cast list being Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, Mads Mikkelsen, Nick Jonas and David Oyelowo with Doug Liman in the directors chair to adapt Patrick Ness’ series of books.

SOURCE: Deadline

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