The week of DC film news is not over yet for another update on Justice League Dark has emerged. Just yesterday Justin Kroll of Variety reported that the film is currently back in the writing room stage for recent pitches from numerous directors have apparently been underwhelming for Warner Bros. executives. This news leaves the film in a hard place. This stage could possibly lead to a longer wait for an approved production date or eventually no approval at all. There is no telling what could happen; especially when the studio also has more than ten other DC films in early stages of development and consideration. That Hashtag show has provided a relevant update for this film that is bound to reassure fans. According to a new update, Jon Spaihts is now in charge of penning the script.


His name may not sound familiar at first, but his filmography proves that he is a sure fit for this particular project. He co wrote Doctor Strange for Marvel Studios. He wrote a very early draft of the film that would later become Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. He also served as a writer on last year’s sci-fi blockbuster Passengers. Spaihts definitely has the right experience with writing fantasy. One of the biggest challengers Doctor Strange had to face was adapting the often bizarre source material and making it accessible and sell-able to a general audience. This too is a challenge that Justice League Dark will face. The team consists of characters who have connections to demons, sorcery, and other mystical elements. Depending on the script, the studio may not see this as a complete accessible and beneficial product. Spaihts current job is to avoid this issue with his script.

IT director Andres Muschietti and Wild Tales director Damian Szifron recently had talks with the studio to direct but neither closed a deal. The hunt for the director position unfortunately still goes on. There is no rush as of now considering that Spaihts script is not complete. Once this happens the studio will decide on whether or not to move forward with it. After this decision, we an expect more updates that might lead this film into a more solid future.

Source: That Hashtag Show

Check back soon for more DC film updates- Andrew J Salazar (@yokis101)


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