The past day and a half has brought an overwhelming wave of Dc film news. I say overwhelming because most of the recent reports have broken news that was completely unexpected by fans everywhere. We now know that there are two Joker centered films in early stages of development. One features Harley Quinn and takes place in the current DCEU timeline while the other is a prequel in its own universe. This information could be difficult to process considering the amount of other DC films that are in various stages of development at Warner Bros. What is going on with the Shazam, Cyborg, and Nightwing film? We do not have a lot of solid answers on most of the ten plus films in development so any updates whatsoever are sure to be well appreciated by eager fans. One of the films on this list is Justice League Dark and it turns out that Variety has a small but important update from inside Warner Bros.


For those of you who are not up to speed, Justice League Dark is a property centered around a team of the top tier supernatural characters of the DC universe. Popular characters in this field such as Constantine, Swamp Thing, and Zatanna usually make up this team in recent source material. The history of this production goes as follows, Guillermo Del Toro had been working on a script possibly since 2012. He gave numerous public updates on the script. He had a set team of heroes and a set story. He finished a draft and turned it in to Warner Bros. a few years ago. He was not sure if he would be set to direct depending on when and if the studio would decide to go forward with the project. Later Warner Bros. confirmed that the film was in development, but without Del Toro in the director’s chair. Last Year Doug Liman was announced to be directing the film with a new script and a new title- Dark Universe. Del Toro was still on the team as a producer. Doug Liman recently left the project and at this years San Diego Comic Con the title was revealed to have changed to Justice League Dark. Quite a journey for a film with no current release date.

Variety film reporter Justin Kroll has now updated this film’s long and winding road of development via twitter. Kroll reports that the studio is back to work on the script after recent presentations by directors underwhelmed executives. This news will probably disappoint fans, but there is a bright side. Warner Bros. is apparently waiting for the right script coming from the right team. This patience could serve them well in the long run as apposed to pushing a film they are not confident with through production. On the other side, this film has been through mans twists and turns and there is no telling when we might see this on the big screen. Considering this project’s history, even if they do find a new team- will they eventually leave like Liman did? The studio definitely has a rough past of directors leaving their planned DC films. However, this is in the past and hopefully when the studio does find the right team- this project will see great fruition. The big question as of now is when will this happen considering the other ten plus DC films on the vague slate.

Source: Variety’s Justin Kroll

Check back soon for more updates on the DC film slate- Andrew J. Salazar (yokis101)


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