Rumors regarding the status of Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ in the DCEU began swirling feverishly yesterday. The reports cited an interview from sometime ago in which Reeves commented on his Batman film, “it’s a standalone, it’s not part of the extended universe.’” Many took that to mean, well what it said, ‘The Batman’ would not be in continuity with the DCEU. However, Reeves took to Twitter to shut down the rumors. 

So there it is, ‘The Batman’ will be a part of the DCEU. Reeves even tweeting an emoji of a bat to show us his confidence in the project.

The only other question left unanswered is the status of Ben Affleck. These comments offered no indication about whether or not Affleck would return to don the cowl. Looking at the tweets, Reeves did say “Batman will be BATMAN” but that could mean any number of things. But lets take this as a win, we are getting a solo Batman film in the DCEU. –Jackson Hayes

Source: Twitter

The Batman currently has no release date 


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