We’re always reluctant to bring you more news of 20th Century Fox holding on to the Fantastic Four franchise, and this is some of the strangest reports we’ve heard yet. 

According to Bleeding Cool, the new film was adapted from a script based on a Mark Millar comic book that was never published. Kindergarten Heroes was announced in 2012 as a children’s comic book written by Mark Millar and drawn by Curtis Tiegs. Although it was apparently completed, publisher Book Noir never released it. Millar, however, always keen on getting his works film deals, pitched it to Fox in 2013. 20th Century Fox, who also produced Kingsman: The Secret Service based on Millar’s comic series, optioned a script by Cater Blanchard, which lay dormant until now.

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The rumored reboot is supposedly aimed at kids and focuses on Franklin and Valeria Richards rather than the whole First Family, with the Thing and Human Torch appearing as supporting characters. The Kindergarten Heroes script was taken and morphed to focus on Fantastic Four characters instead, with the current draft rumored to be written by  Seth-Graham Smith (Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies, Dark Shadows). Smith was also one of the many who polished the script on the previous Fantastic Four film.

If this film will really happen is still uncertain, as there’s yet to be any official news. I, for one, am questioning why it should exist at all. This isn’t even the only film they’re developing, with Legion creator Noah Hawley currently working on a Doctor Doom movie. Whatever happens, stay tuned to SuperBroMovies for your news.

Weston Sheffield

Source: Bleeding Cool















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