The train that is Marvel Television is not slowing down. The latest project announced is looking to bring the audience of Jessica Jones to ABC with a new female-led show.

Although we don’t know much, we know that Marvel is currently working with ABC on this new series. Marvel Television executive Karim Zreik spoke about the company’s original programming at the Edinburg TV Festival and revelaed the project was in development. The only information he gave was “It’s Jessica Jones-esque.”

Just how it relates to Jessica Jones is a mystery. It’s female-led, but that’s not the sole secret to the Netflix show’s success. There’s still plenty of great female characters Marvel has yet to put to screen. The biggest (no pun intended) probably being She-Hulk. Jen Walters could fit in the more street-crime focused angle of the Netflix series if the show leaned into her position as a practicing lawyer. The very meta tone of her comics would also fit with Zreik’s comments on Marvel wanting to get into the comedy game more.

“Comedy is something we really want to go into. It took us time to dip our foot in the comedy pool.”

While a comedic criminal law superhero show sounds like it would broadcast network’s dream-come-true, there’s the tricky issue of how she would be connected to her cousin on the big screen. If ABC is thinking more on the investigative side of things, they could take on Angela Del Toro as White Tiger, a character who was actually teased on Jessica Jones and has been rumored for some time.


The real trick with this new show is the target demographic. Television isn’t like film, where millions turn out for each new entry in the larger MCU story. Each show appeals to different people and has a reason for the network it’s on. Jessica Jones is a show that appeals to both first-time superhero show viewers and female audiences, which might be something ABC is missing since it cancelled Agent Carter.

What do you want this new show to be? Let us know at SuperBroMovies and stay tuned for more news.

Weston Sheffield

Source: The Hollywood Reporter















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