Fox To Launch Best Picture Campaign For ‘WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES’

War For The Planet Of The Apes is the third installment in the Planet of the Apes reboot franchise, and it is a worthy conclusion to Caeser’s story and his character arc. The movie was more than just a summer blockbuster, it was a character driven, thoughtful story which built upon its predecessors. It received astounding praise from fans and critics alike, mostly thanks to director Matt Reeves and motion capture actor Andy Serkis. It seems all this praise may pay off for the movie because Fox is reportedly going to launch a Best Picture Campaign for the movie.

Deadline reports that Fox will have a massive push unlike any we’ve ever seen to get their movie recognized by the Academy. They will be pushing in several small categories (production design, cinematography, costumes, music, sound, visual effects, makeup, etc.), but their real target here is Best Picture. They will also be pushing for other major categories like Best Screenplay and Best Director for Matt Reeves, and, more importantly, Best Actor for Andy Serkis. I think his performance in these movies is greatly under recognized, and I’ve been saying that he needs an Oscar Nomination for years.


The former head of Fox and producer on the trilogy, Peter Chernin, spoke about it with Deadline:

“I’m incredibly proud of this movie, and I do believe that on almost any level of storytelling, character development, narrative thrusts, or epic-ness, this is an extraordinary movie. In the past people probably have tended to sort of genre-ize it and sort of look at it, well as if it is a genre movie and not take it as seriously as they should, and I think that you know our view is that this movie deserves serious consideration. Certainly it’s been made with a level of ambition, care, and attention that’s as meaningful as anything I’ve ever worked on. “

That is exactly what I think. Critics tend to think that these big budget movies can’t be artistic masterpieces. But that has been shown many times in the past with movies like The Dark Knight and the Lord of the Rings movies, and I think it is shown here.


Peter Chernin is also very confident in their chances of getting the nominations they want:

“I think if we can get to that stage, I think we’ve got a good shot, because I think that on a filmmaking basis this is, in my opinion, you know as impressive as anything that’s come out this year…I believe that if people take the time to really look at the quality of the filmmaking, this is an extraordinary achievement, and Matt’s done a remarkable job directing. With Andy Serkis, I believe it’s one of the great performances I’ve ever seen, and then I think you look at all the key departments. We finished shooting this movie, way over a year ago and so we’ve put tremendous care and attention into every detail trying to make it as artistically ambitious as we possibly could. I would hope people would look at all that.”

He also stated:

“I actually think it’s a very Academy-like movie, and that it is one of the most moral movies that has been made this year. It’s a movie about what is morality about. What is the morality of leadership about? What is one’s soul about? How do you struggle with the balance between one’s fundamental humanity versus the desire for revenge? This is sort of what Caesar is struggling with, he is torn between his desire for revenge and his obligation and his responsibility towards the people he’s leading. In my opinion these are really important themes, the kind of themes the Academy voters have historically responded to.”

There is so much more to this movie than just surface level story telling, and it goes much deeper than how looks like at first glance. I am rooting for this movie more than most to get the awards it deserves.


However, I find it odd that Fox is not doing the same push for their other critical hit, Logan. The movie is very similar to War seeing as it breaks the conventional story telling of its genre and is a much deeper film than other big budget blockbusters. I personally think Logan is a better movie than War, and I would be sad to see it not get any recognition by the Academy.

Fox isn’t the only studio pushing their big budget movie at the Academy. We learned a while back that Warner Bros. is making a similar push for their smash hit, Wonder Woman. Could this become a new trend in Hollywood? Will a movie about walking, talking apes win Best Picture? Only time will tell.

Source – Deadline

Caleb Sadd


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