New Official ‘The Last Jedi’ Funko Pop Figures Offer New Detailed Looks

Funko have officially revealed their first wave of figures for The Last Jedi! Collectors and Fans have been expecting this reveal for weeks now leading up to tomorrow’s Force Friday II. Pictures of some of these figures did indeed leak online a couple of weeks ago, but the most detail and information always comes with the official release. This first wave is notably larger than their first wave of figures for The Force Awakens and Rogue One. Plenty of more are bound to come after the film’s release. Their Star Wars line always sells extremely well due to the obvious popularity and great designs that these figures display. Star Wars Pops and Mystery Minis have never looked better.

Common figures that will be available at all or most retailers.
Exclusive figures that will only be available at specific retailers. See sticker on the front of the box to find out where.
Mystery mini set and common figures that will be available at all or most retailers.

The looks that Rey, Luke, Kylo Ren, and the rest of the core team sport should be familiar to those who have been following coverage for the film. The most interesting new looks from the core team come with the Finn and Luke pops. It is cool to see Finn in his first order disguise. It probably won’t be easy infiltrating the regime that scarred the majority of his life. One can already see the parallels between this and Cassian Andor infiltrating the empire in Rogue One.

Luke may just look like an old hermit, but if one looks closely they can see a small red rock at the end of his necklace. Could this be a red kyber crystal? These figures offer smaller details at looks that have already been shown; there is more inspection to be done with the figures of characters that fans have only been given a glimpse of. The porgs are a perfect example.


Porgs are bird like creatures native to Ach-To. They have been keeping Luke company since his time of solidarity on the planet began. That is pretty much all of the official information released so far. They are in a handful of set pics on the islands of Ach-To and inside the Millennium Falcon. They surely will not be just one minute background aliens. These figures offer new looks at their physical appearances that other sources of media have not yet shown. Like penguins, some porgs feature a gold feather pattern around their eyes and some do not. They also have small sharp teeth in mammal like mouths instead of bird beaks. Lucasfilm and Disney sure have been prioritizing on porg merchandise. Why wouldn’t they? They are undeniably a perfect mix of odd and cute.


Very little is known about the DJ character and his role in the film. Descriptions tease him as being shady with a mysterious past. Benicio Del Toro plays him and he is sure to leave an impression among the large talented cast. The figure offers an entire detailed look at his whole costume. He rocks a smuggler/ adventurer type outfit that implies experience in the galaxy.  There is aurebesh (the main language used in the Star Wars universe) written on a metal piece of his hat. The whole phrase cannot be seen in this picture, but the section that is visible translates into “Jorn”. This very well may be what the J in DJ stands for. His full name is sure to be translated by fans when this pop hits the shelves.


These are some of the first detailed looks that we have at all three praetorian guards. The guard that has gotten the most limelight in the film’s coverage is the one that will be released as a common pop (see previous pictures). The other two rock different designs that add deadly style to Snoke’s regime. They all also use different weapons. Could their different costumes also mean a difference in rank? It would not be a surprise to find out that these samurai like guards play a role in Kylo Ren’s training. These figures will be a must grab for they display how deadliness has never looked sleeker.


jpeg (2)


These two pops display the variety that can be found within the line of BB droid units. They do not look very different from BB-8, but still have their own unique qualities. The BB-9E unit boasts the clean onyx black design of the old imperial droids. The resistance BB unit almost looks like it is an older model. It also looks somewhat incomplete. This is fitting for the resistance because they probably do not have the budget to keep up with more recent models. The R2 units of previous films all displayed great variety in design that enriched the universe. It is fantastic to see Lucasfilm take the same route with this new droid unit.


These new awesome troopers have only been briefly seen in previously released content. They have not been shown with their scythe like weapons turned on. It is hard to not look back on the “traitor!” trooper from the previous film when looking at this figure. He was cool in his own way, but these troopers look more intimidating. Their role in the film is still a mystery. They could be just cool new troopers that only serve for cool battle scenes, but with a name featuring the word “executioner”- they could have a more important role.


There have been brief shots of Leia in this costume in previously released content, but this figure shows more detail than five second moments. She does look more like royalty in this dress. She still probably is a general though. This is an interesting costume choice for the character considering her looks in the previous film. The jewelry on her hands also suggests a high level of status and authority.

jpeg (1)jpeg

The last thing that one should notice is that the first order flametrooper and snowtrooper from the previous film are being released again with this wave. These are the same exact figures available right now. They even have an updated box for the new film. Could this mean that these troopers will be seen again? They already have great designs so why fix something if it isn’t broken? Funko would not release these figures again just for no reason.

It would great to see Lucasfilm not abandon designs from previous films. With that being said, that are all the details to be seen here with this wave of figures. The next wave will not be released until after the films release and those are probably going to be more spoiler heavy. One should try to obtain the ones they want from this wave first before they venture off into more releases. Which ones will be more sought out than others and be top sellers? The answer  should be clear after force friday II tomorrow in the following weeks.

Source: Funko

Check back soon for more coverage on The Last Jedi- Andrew J. Salazar (@yokis101)








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