Month: August 2017

‘X-Men: Dark Dark Phoenix’ Director on Making Film More Grounded than the Comics

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the next installment in 20th Century Fox’s core X-Men Franchise. We know very few details at this point. This will be long time comicbook film producer Simon Kinberg’s directorial debut. He is also writing the film. This will follow the young cast who debuted in X-Men: Apocalypse and will adapt Marvel’s

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‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ IMAX Premiere Receives Positive Reactions

While some fans have bee skeptical of Marvel’s latest endeavor into next-level television, it seems the responses from those who have had the opportunity to experience the show’s premiere in IMAX theaters across the nation. Unlike its predecessors, ‘Inhumans’ was filmed using IMAX cameras and has the advantage of premiering in cinemas before its worldwide

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