Actress Chloe Bennet shared her thoughts on social media regarding actor Ed Skrein leaving the upcoming ‘Hellboy’ reboot:

She also had to defend her last name change through social media this week and fellow Asian star, Ken Jeong, tweeted out his respect and support for Chloe:

It is really good to see that fellow Asian actors who are stars that take pride in being who they are and are stepping up to the plate to help others who are trying to break into the acting/filmmaking industry. If there are roles that are meant to be specifically for Asians, they should have a fair shot at landing the role through the talent skills they have and not be passed over just because of their name respectively in the casting process.

Asian actors/filmmakers are more than capable to prove that they deserve roles, but they need to have the more chances to prove they can do it. Bennet having to change her name in order to land roles is something that needs to be fixed. With Bennet speaking out her thoughts, this could get the ball rolling to give more Asian actors/filmmakers more job opportunities in Hollywood.

 If you want to tweet your thoughts, be sure to do so @SuperBroMovies on Twitter.

Lucas Talbot

Source: The Variety


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