RUMOR: ‘Shazam!’ Supposedly to be Affected by the ‘FLASHPOINT’

‘Shazam!’ recently went into pre-production which is a good step forward for the film. Screen testing for the role of Billy Batson are already underway. There will be two different actors in filling in for Batson and Shazam. According to Moviehole, it appears that Barry Allen also known as the Flash, played by Ezra Miller, could appear and make an substantial impact to the film.

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen

In MovieHole’s exclusive, the inclusion of Miller’s Flash will give ‘Shazam!’ an interesting twist and how much it will affect Batson/Shazam.

According to Moviehole’s report regarding the idea of having the Flash appear in ‘Shazam!’:

“Fun idea to have the new crop of DC films find themselves slightly modified by the speedster’s actions.”

captain marvel

The Flash’s solo movie was expected to debut in 2018, but the project lost two different directors. The film is now slated to appear in theaters in 2020. ‘Flashpoint’ is one of the most well known storylines where the Flash messed with time. Allen travels back in time to save his mom, only to realize that he did more damage to the current timeline that he travelled in time from.

’Shazam’ is expected to be in theaters in 2019, so it would make sense that the Flash would make a brief appearance in the movie.

What do you think of the idea of having the Flash appear in ‘Shazam!’? If you want to share your thoughts, be sure to tweet out to our account on twitter, @SuperBroMovies, what you are thinking!

Lucas Talbot

Source: Moviehole

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