Force Friday is upon us, and with that comes more information about ‘Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi’. With the movie only having released a behind the scenes reel, and a teaser fans are desperate for a deeper look into the next installment in the saga. For now no trailer is in clear view, and any new information is terrific, that is why today is so important.

Sphero’s app today has shown a picture of Supreme Leard Snoke’s Mega Star Destroyer, “The Supremacy”. The ship is over thirty-seven miles long, and is where the bulk of The First Order is, since the destruction of “Starkiller Base”. Star-Wars-The-Last-Jedi-Sphero-App-Snoke-Mega-Star-Destroyer-Supremacy

Let us know what you think of Supreme Leader Snoke’s ship “The Supremacy” by tweeting us at @SuperBroMovies. ‘Star Wars The Last Jedi’ will be released December 15, 2017.

Written by – Collin Stetzner

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