After an emotional 2 episodes and the mysterious cliffhanger that ended episode 2, Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy mostly continues the story with it’s third episode, titled More Than a Feeling. With the strong setup of Episode 1 and the mostly action packed Episode 2, it was inevitable that there would be one episode in this season of Telltale’s Guardians that would slow things down a bit. Enter episode 3.

While not lacking interesting character interaction, things slow down a bit too much with this episode, as the introduction of new character Mantis midway through the season requires her introduction to other characters, along with all the exposition that the story requires, including an explanation for the visions Star-Lord is having, albeit in a disappointing way. The tasks in the majority of this episode feel a bit mundane and don’t make the game that much engaging as it did in previous episodes, but one can’t fully blame the developers and storytellers for needing to develop their characters.


Speaking of character development, the inclusion of Gamora’s and Nebula’s backstories was a welcome addition to this episode. Playing in the flashbacks as the daughters of Thanos was one of the more positive aspects of this episode, and it was fun seeing their character interactions, especially since some of those scenes take place before Gamora joined the Guardians, showing her character in a somewhat new and interesting way. After those scenes, though, the episode slows down it’s pace once again, and although it is used for rich character interaction and to really feel the tension within the ranks of the Guardians, the amount of said interaction is not balanced well due to the lack of action in the majority of this episode.



The ending action sequence and major decision that Peter has to make that affects his team (and the Galaxy as a whole) definitely made up for some of the rest of the episode slow pace. Like the previous episodes, The action towards the end was some of the best Telltale has to offer, with all of the Guardians (and even Nebula) playing their part in the intense action. Seeing them work as a team despite their disagreements is one of the best parts of the series, and was fun and engaging to play.

The episode end on an explosive note, which spells trouble for the Guardians in the next episode. Overall, despite some slow narrative pacing and slow gameplay in the majority of the episode, Guardians Episode 3: More Than a Feeling still provided some great character interactions and dialogue, and amazing and fun action sequences towards the end. Episode 4 can’t come soon enough. – Ernesto Valenzuela

GRADE – 7/10



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