Why Chris McKay is the perfect choice to direct Nightwing

After the massive success of ‘THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE’ both critically and financially, people wanted to know what Chris McKay would direct next. It was soon announced that he would be helming a Nightwing solo film, most people are currently onboard for Chris McKay to direct the film but some people are still uncertain. So I wanted to explain how I believe Chris McKay is the perfect choice to helm the film.

Firstly we must begin with his work on THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE and how well he captures the characters in that film. Especially Robin, who, although at the start is perceived as someone who needs Batman, Chris McKay makes the character more independent throughout the film which is exactly what Nightwing should be in my opinion. Nightwing is the boy that grew up from being Batman’s sidekick to be his own fully fledged superhero. It’s clear that Chris McKay knows that both Robin and Nightwing can work very well in their own film when watching THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE.


Secondly we should look at how much he loves the character of Nightwing, and the best way to describe this, is his twitter feed, where he has shown numerous times that he knows the character of Nightwing. Especially when a fan asked him on Twitter what skills the Nightwing actor should have, he responded with how grueling of a task the character will be to portray due to his physical abilities as well as the depth of acting that needs to be put into the character. This alone shows us that he has read and understands, at least the core concepts of Nightwing.


Thirdly, touching on his past films, he knows how to combine both comedy and great character pieces. For example, THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE is a comedy however there are quite a few emotional scenes that are arguably some of the best scenes in the entire film. As well as the film really is more about the characters/ideologies of Batman, The Joker, and Robin. Which is good to see where the Nightwing film may need a lot of character driven scenes, it’s clear to see from both THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE and 2WKS 1YR that he can do great character driven scenes/stories. With 2 WKS 1 YR not being a film I’ve seen but is highly recommended for its character driven plot.


In conclusion, I believe Chris McKay is the right choice to direct Nightwing due to his knowledge of Dick Grayson and the DC Universe. He can do both comedy and character driven work as well as blending them both together. Make sure to check out THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE in cinemas on the 21st September produced by McKay.

– Jake C

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