Sony seems to be building its own cinematic universe with the Marvel Spider-Man characters they own the film rights to. With a Venom movie with Tom Hardy about to start production and a Silver Sable and Black Cat movie now in the works, a new rumor has surfaced as to the direction of Sony’s next movie: Nightwatch.

Nightwatch, also known as Dr. Kevin Trench, is a Marvel hero caught in a time loop trying to prevent his own death. The character is not well-known, having few appearances in comics and only a few issues of his own series.

The rumor also mentions Sony is eyeing Spike Lee as a director and if the rumor is true and Lee does direct, this will be hist first superhero movie. Lee has an extensive and diverse filmography as a director ranging from documentaries/biographies such as When the Levees Broke and Malcolm X crime thrillers such as Inside Man. 


Source: Popcorn Talk


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