After 27 long years, Pennywise returns to the big screen. IT was everything I thought it would be. If you’re a fan of the book or the first film you will sincerely enjoy this reboot. Horror films are certainly not my thing. I usually avoid them, but something about the trailer had a me intrigued. I was curious so I read Stephen King’s novel IT, and the 1990’s mini-series.

Within the recent weeks anticipation for the IT movie was pretty high. The past few weeks have been dry at the box office and I was sure the IT movie would turn things around. I got a chance to see it earlier than some people and I was impressed how pack the theater was for it. The line was literally extended through the whole theater. I got there early so I got a decent seat. (The front of the theater isn’t so bad anymore) I’ll try not to spoil any major events for you guys so here we go!

Billy Denbrough, leader of the Losers’ Club, spends his summer days hunting for the his little brother Georgie’s killer. With the help of his friends Ben, Beverly, Richie, Stanley, Mike, and Eddie, the Losers’ Club uncovers the towns biggest serial killer.

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Director Andy Muschietti does a fantastic job giving every major character an equal role to play. The pace of the film was great from start to finish. The opening scene sets the tone with it’s suspense. I loved how Muschietti shows The Losers’ Club fears periodically the film instead of bunched together.

The founding members of The Losers’ Club were Billy, Ben, Richie, Stanley, and Eddie. Beverly and Mike came in later on. While I liked every member contributed something different to the group. I was not the biggest fan of how Stanley character was portrayal. I felt he was more behind in the group. He was perhaps the smartest in my opinion of the group. But I didn’t really see his character grow as the movie continued on. But in the end that part can be overlooked in the film because of how many characters they had to play around.

It_06302016_Day 4_824.dng
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A definite highlight in the film was Sophia Lillis character Beverly Marsh, the only female in the Losers’ Club who was not a member early in the film, but bonded with each character individually because of their share the same struggles at home and at school. I loved Beverly’s character so much because of how strong she was, never showing her fear, but it was clear she had one. Beverly was one of the first to overcome her fear and there were many cheers in the crowd when she did, me included.

It_07072016_Day 8_2116.dng
Warner Bros.

As for the rest of the Losers, I loved how the friends defended each other and outsiders. The Losers’ was the heart of this film. They showed courage, compassion, and love. They came to strangers aid and cracked jokes to make light of every situation. Of course in every friendship you have your ups and downs. And in this case, you should expect friendships to break because of the fear of Pennywise. You know that one person in the theater who yells “Leave him!” that gets the theater cracking up? That was definitely me in this case. In my mind I was like hell yeah you better run. But I was also relieved they did the exact opposite of what I was thinking.

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Another highlight in the film was Henry Bowers, the school bully, and leader of the Bowers gang. While the main antagonist in the film was rightfully Pennywise,  Henry shadows Pennywise’s thoughts, kill. I was at first shocked that this teenager had so much hate with the Losers’ Club, but as the film continued on, I felt it was needed.  Bowers was realistic, someone who could be believable as the towns serial killer, not a shape shifting demon clown. Nicholas Hamilton really did a great job portraying Henry and moviegoers will be on the edge of their seats,speculating what he’ll do next.

Warner Bros.

Now it’s time to talk about Pennywise. We get our first glimpse of him in the beginning of the film so we get a great look at Bill Skarsgard’s character. The voice of Pennywise is so creepy and disturbing you’ll get chills. I loved how Pennywise toyed with his victims. Creating fear before jumping to attack. It was like a cat and mouse game. He didn’t go for the kill every time he attacked and that was what I liked about him the most. The special effects for Pennywise was great. I’m not a fan of 3D movies at all, but if Warner Bros. decided to have IT in 3D, I wouldn’t mind at all. The way he comes at you felt like he could attack a movie viewer. Everything about him was creepy. The way he moved, talked, his laugh, and how he looked could make fear clowns forever. Job well done on Pennywise, in every aspect.

It_08172016_Day 36_9117.dng
Warner Bros.

Overall I would say the Stephen King universe is back with a vengeance. My issues with IT were small. The timeline jump for me was one of them, but can be easily overlooked. As for scary wise, I couldn’t give you a real good guess cause I’m easy to scare. I questioned myself why would I go see this because I’m never good with horror films. But it was very entertaining, the movie will have you laughing at how good the Losers’ Club was making jokes. Richie is the comeback king and will roast the hell out of you!

Overall score: 8.4/10



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