Geoff Johns is bringing DOOMSDAY CLOCK to New York Comic-Con

One of the most hyped DC crossover events in recent memory is coming.. “If reading this now, whether I am alive or dead, you will know the truth.” – Rorschach

DC Entertainments issued a press release this week to announce a bevy of panels and events for this NYCC and the one that stood out to us here in the SB Comic Corner is obviously the big Doomsday Clock miniseries, being penned by the President and CEO of DC Comics, Geoff Johns.

The panel featuring Johns will be taking place on October 6 at 6:00pm ET. So be sure to tuned into both @superbromovies and @SBComicCorner for live tweets and details regarding the panel.

doomsday-clock-batman-rorschach-1018751Along with the announcement came some promotional art featuring Batman reading Rorschach’s journal (above). Doomsday Clock will be 12 issues long and Johns promises to reveal the first several pages of Issue #1 and also lead an in-depth discussion on how it all began, starting with his acclaimed DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot.

“It takes place a year in the future of the DC Universe, so that when the last issue comes out, the DC Universe will catch up,” Johns said during his San Diego Comic-Con spotlight panel. “Everything from Rebirth and Metal and everything else, this will take place after all of that, and by the time issue #12 comes out, the rest of the DC Universe will catch up and be affected. You’ll see some changes to characters in this that you’ll see unfold and you’ll see events happen in the DC line that will then catch up to what we’re doing.”

The series promises to be groundbreaking and epic.

Doomsday Clock will be released on November 22nd. 


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