Is Baby Daddy Actor, Derek Theler SHAZAM?



With SHAZAM, the next DCEU film after AQUAMAN, going into production earlier this week, Director David F. Sandberg has been hard at work getting ready to start filming this superhero epic, but yet we have no official word on casting of Billy Batson or his heroic alter ego!

originalThere has been numerous rumors for months now on who will don the lightning bolt, ranging from Armie Hammer to John Cena (even though we can’t see him) but has he already been cast? Popular TV show actor, Derek Theler seems to be teasing, through social media his possible casting of SHAZAM.

Derek Theler is actually following David F. Sandberg and Geoff Johns on Twitter and Instagram, has been liking multiple posts of David’s about SHAZAM and has even gone as far as commenting on Sandberg’s Post Regarding SHAZAM, See the screenshots below! (Derek’s Instagram Bio even says “Wannabe Superhero” and what better Superhero is there for him to be?)

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The nail in the coffin for this theory was what Derek has been posting on his Snapchat Story. Last night he teased that he had a big day tomorrow morning and to “wish him luck,” then this morning posting another story (sporting a red shirt) and telling his followers “I just got out of my audition, thank you so much for the good luck, I can’t tell you what it is, but i’m sure some of you can guess.”

Of course his last post on his snapchat story screams Shazam.

Personally I think Derek is a FANTASTIC choice for SHAZAM, I have seen a few episodes of his TV Show ‘Baby Daddy’ and this guy oozes a fun loving charisma that would be perfect for the character, but the real question is what do you think of him as Billy’s Alter Ego?


The problem with all this is that Derek is set to star in an upcoming MCU TV Series, ‘NEW WARRIORS.’ ‘New Warriors’ is slated to be a 10 30 Minute Episode comedy series, so it might not interfere as much as we’d think, but we will see because it is obvious that he auditioned for the part!

I just want to give a special thanks to Seán of for pointing all of this out on Twitter!

SHAZAM does not have an OFFICIAL synopsis or release date (yet).

Make sure to tell us what you think! – Parker Batkins

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