Liam Hall is expected to appear as Joe Wilson in the two-part Slade Wilson episode during Season six.

In the season five finale, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) enlists Slade Wilson’s help (Manu Bennett) on Lian Yu in order to stop Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra). In return for his help, Oliver offers Slade the chance to find his son, Joe.

grant wilson LOT

Keep in mind, Grant Wilson (Jamie Andrew Cutler) in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season one was only a hypothetical son of Wilson’s in 2046. It was a timeline that does not exist with the current events that occurred in the ‘Arrow’ finale. Therefore why, Hall was cast in the current timeline as Wilson’s son.

slade and oliver

According to the EW, the two-part Slade Wilson episode will also include flashbacks, so perhaps we will find out how Joe exists as part of Slade’s world. Perhaps, Joe was born before Slade ended up on Lian Yu with Oliver. I hope the reformed villain does lose his path because I really like who he is in the season five finale. It was like a fresh breath of air, considering you don’t see a villains become reformed often.

What do you think of the casting of Hall as Joe Wilson? Do you think Slade could become a villain again after he finds his son or stays reformed? Let @SuperBroMovies on Twitter know what your thoughts are.

‘Arrow’ will return Thursday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Lucas Talbot

Source: EW, EW (two different articles from the same website are sourced to this article)


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