‘IT’ Scores Big Friday, Looking At A 100mil+ Opening

After The Dark Tower didn’t do too well it looks like the newest Stephen King movie adaptation has been success with only being in theaters for two days. ‘IT’ was released on September 7 and made 13.5 million on that Thursday opening. On Friday with its normal release day ‘IT’ has officially made 51 million dollars.


With these numbers ‘IT’ is pretty much going to have the biggest R rated horror movie which was 41 million with The Conjuring. Now with this record looking to be shattered for sure ‘IT’ is now estimated to have a 103 million dollar opening weekend. If it does make at least 100 million this weekend it will put it with Deadpool as the only R movies to make 100 million dollars opening weekend. The movie was estimated to originally make 60-65 million and than was adjusted to 80 – 85 million. The movie has been receiving critical and audience praise and is currently 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. How much do you think ‘IT’ will make this weekend? Tweeted us @superbromoviesJohnathan Brin 

Source: Forbes

The Warp

Box Office Mojo

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