‘KONG: SKULL ISLAND’ Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Talks DC Elseworld Stories and SUPERMAN: RED SON

Months back we learned that Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director of ‘Kong: Skull Island’, had once pitched a Superman: Red Son film to Warner Bros. The studio rejected the idea but this could change has it was recently announced that they’re now working on separate DC films that’ll solely focus on specific characters.  In a recent interview, Vogt-Roberts discusses this prospect and gives his opinion of how the studio is handling the DC Comics properties.


Speaking with Collider, Jordan Vogt-Roberts talks about his pitch to WB. and how they may change their mind now that they’re developing DC storylines outside of the DC Extended Universe.

  • Collider: Do you think that “Superman: Red Son” could be a possibility now that they’re like, “Oh, we don’t have to make everything connected.”
  • Well, apparently they’re taking that idea. They’re not taking me up, because I have gotten no phone calls about that. I was surprised to hear the headline, regardless of whether or not they want to do Red Son, I think that is the smartest, most punk rock thing that DC can do right now to separate themselves from Marvel is just to double-down and say, “We’re going to tell a bunch of crazy stories. We’re going to tell stories in different universes and different times and really play around and just tell you great stories with these characters.” To me, I think that the expanded universe is one long story thing that will always serve its purpose, but we’ve got to think about what’s next.
  • To me, that’s interesting. To me, that’s … I’m happy that they’re apparently now entertaining that idea. I would love to get a call saying, “Hey, do you want to talk about Red Son?” But I have yet to receive that phone call.

The director is fresh off of the second entry in the Godzilla/King Kong universe and he’s now working on the Metal Gear Solid video game adaption. Which means he’ll be busy for a while, but one could assume he could still possibly work on a Superman elseworld movie soon afterwords if Warner Bros decides to go that route. They probably won’t be doing that anytime soon though as they still haven’t announced a sequel for ‘Man of Steel’ but it’s most definitely in the works.

Superman: Red Son tells of a Man of Steel that grew up in the Soviet Union. Instead of landing Kansas, his rocket ship lands on a Ukrainian farm because slight time difference. Famous writer Mark Millar wrote this story and it as received with critical acclaim, as well as a nomination for an Eisner award back in 2004.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see this story told on the big screen?

Be sure to tweet at SuperBroMovies with your thoughts. – Marcos Melendez

Source: Collider

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