When will Harley Quinn Appear on the Big Screen Again?

Earlier this summer, a Joker & Harley Quinn spin off film was announced by Warner Bros. and that it would be in production, but then those plans were scrapped. It was also announced  that ‘Gotham City Sirens’ was in development at Warner Bros. with actress Margot Robbie starring as Harley Quinn, but even on that front, it has been silent.

According to The Wrap, actress Margot Robbie thinks next year could be the next opportunity that we could see Harley Quinn make her second appearance on the big screen.

“I think next year I’ll be back in the fishnets [and] wielding a baseball bat.” 

margot robbie

Robbie, however, was unsure what movie it will be that we would see Harley.

“Your guess is as good as mine at this point. I don’t know.”

‘Suicide Squad 2’ just recently landed a director in Gavin O’Connor, who directed ‘The Accountant’, starring Ben Affleck back in 2016. O’Connor is also expected to  write the script for the Suicide Squad sequel. It will start production in 2018.

Harley Quinn

I personally liked ‘The Accountant’ because I thought it was a well done movie. So I cannot wait to see what O’Connor does with ‘Suicide Squad 2’ because I think he has the eye to see the small things that could be covered while working with such a big veteran cast that are already accomplished in their careers in the film industry.

Are you looking forward to see Harley Quinn again on the big screen in 2018? I think you should tweet your thoughts on Harley Quinn and the DCEU @SuperBroMovies on Twitter.

Lucas Talbot

Source: Comicbook, The Wrap

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