It was announced last month that Ed Skrein would have a fairly large role in the ‘Hellboy’ reboot that is taking place. After the news broke, people were angered to see that the role that was a man of Asian descent in the comics, would be played by Skrein. Clueless as to what he had done, Skrein eventually dropped the role once he realized how inaccurate to the comics his casting was.

Now in the talks to replace him is Daniel Dae Kim of Hawaii Five-O. Daniel Dae Kim has played many notable roles on television and many are excited to hear that he might star in ‘Hellboy’ as Major Ben Daimio.

Let us know over at SuperBroMovies what you think of this casting decision!

– JB Baker

Source – Variety

The ‘Hellboy’ reboot will be directed by Neil Marshall. It will star David Harbour as Hellboy, while Ian McShane and Milla Jovavich star alongside. 



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