Stan Lee was asked at Hasbro’s HASCON who would portray him in a film, and apparently he has his eyes set on Academy Award winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, to play himself.

“Believe it or not, I’ve already discussed it with Leonardo DiCaprio,” Lee told the audience. “He’s a neighbor of mine and we were talking one day some months ago, and he said, ‘Boy it’d be fun to do your story on the screen.’” So I said, ‘Well, I’ll audition you.’ Gotta make sure the guy can do it.”

Lee then stated that DiCaprio is a “Hell of a nice guy,” and a big Marvel Comics fan as well.

“He has all the walls covered with big Marvel posters and everything,” Lee said. “He’s got very good taste.”

I think Leonardo DiCaprio would be a great choice to play Stan Lee in a movie. There was a rumor last year that Fox is creating an action adventure movie about the beloved icon. While that does seem far fetched, I think it could work, if done right, and Leonardo DiCaprio could definitely pull it off.


Source – AIPT!

Caleb Sadd


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