Thor: Ragnarok will be the third film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe released this year. These past two years have treated the MCU extremely well. The previous four films all opened to great critical and financial success. This snowball of a franchise does not stop growing as it keeps rolling down the hill faster and faster.  However, the Thor series has not always shared the same limelight as the most recent Marvel hits. Most fans would probably list the two Thor films towards the middle or bottom of their MCU rankings. The top notch marketing and footage released from Ragnarok has sparked a new flame for those who thought little of this title character. Everything so far has teased that this film we go in a new direction where anything goes. One can only hope that risks will be taken to make this specific story shine.


It can be debated that Captain America: The Winter Soldier, was one of the first MCU films that took a huge risk for the better. The general consensus that the sequel was superior to the first installment was well settled before opening week’s end. This a achievement that very few big sequels manage to reach in the industry. In a recent interview with Collider, veteran Marvel producer Brad Winderbaum spoke about how The Winter Soldier was used as a template for Ragnarok.

In Phase One, we established this cosmology that involved Asgard, Odin and certain ideas that you thought were eternal and could never change. [Ragnarok] breaks them down in a very similar way to how Winter Soldier broke down SHIELD.

The unexpected fall of SHIELD left audiences everywhere shocked. How could the films alter such an integral part of the source material this early on?  This risky decision paid off with more free range for the film and future sequels to play in. Sometimes deviating from the source material can lead to a better film adaptation. Ragnarok is following in the footsteps of TWS by taking the title and what is best from the comics- while still being a different unique product. Asgard and its cosmology going through great change should not sound too surprising considering that “Ragnarok” means the Asgardian apocalypse. The most memorable comicbook films feature the protagonists and his/her world being possibly broken down to pieces. The heroes have to reach to new places out of their comfort zone to stop a force that they thought would never come. Just like TWS, this seems to be the route that this new film is taking. The most exciting aspect are the after effects. What will be left of Thor and his world after he literally faced the apocalypse?

Source: Collider

The film is less than two months way- so check back soon for more sneak peeks to satisfy the excitement- Andrew J. Salazar (@yokis101)


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