Executive producer of ‘Arrow’, Marc Guggenheim, recently spoke to Collider in an interview about the sixth year show and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, which is going into its third year on the CW. During the same interview, Guggenheim touched bases on a cloud that is surrounding an iconic DC villain in Deathstroke.

“It was a function of – you know, DC control these characters. We went through a period where DC said, ‘We’ve got plans for Deathstroke that don’t include Arrow. That changed at the end of this year.”



Actor Joe Manganiello had been casted to bring Deathstroke into the DCEU. That plan was changed when actor Ben Affleck, who plays Bruce Wayne/Batman, left the project, ‘The Batman’, as a director back in January. ‘War for Planet of the Apes’ director Mat Reeves quickly signed onto the project and has been working his way through changing the script ever since. The new script may not leave a spot in the movie for Manganiello and Deathstroke.

Guggenheim went out of his way to DC to make sure that Deathstroke would still be hanging out within the DC Universe on the little screen while managing to stay within the departments of DC’s rules.

“I went to DC and said, ‘Look, I know you have plans for him and that’s all cool, but you’ve got to give us this one. We can’t go to Lian Yu and not see Slade Wilson.”

manu bennett as deathstroke

It was the right move at the time because I simply love Manu Bennett’s take of the character on the show and it was really good to see Bennett’s Slade feel emotionally impacted by his past and realize what damage that he had done while on the mirakuru. The season finale, in my eyes, was the best finale I have seen in awhile for ‘Arrow’. It remains to be seen if Slade stays reformed or not in season six.

I am still holding out hope for Manganiello’s Deathstroke in the DCEU because I think it is a really good casting, but I would like to believe that Reeves couldn’t see it right in the original script that Manganiello would not get the spotlight that Deathstroke deserves. If Deathstroke is not in ‘The Batman’, perhaps there is a better plan in store in terms of how to reveal the legend of the mercenary.

When do you think the next time we will see Deathstroke in the DCEU? Be sure to tweet your thoughts @SuperBroMovies on Twitter.

‘Arrow’ returns Thursday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Lucas Talbot

Source: Collider, Comicbook


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