Batman the TellTale series is back after an amazing season one, that featured one of the best Batman stories ever.

Episode One

Spoilers Ahead 

When the seasons starts Gotham City sill recovering the devastation caused by crazed mayor Harvey “Two Face” Dent, and the Children of Arkham. It’s not all bad however, with Dent and The Penguin behind bars the public is begging to feel safer. It would be out of the ordinary if Gotham stayed safe for to long, so out of the shadows returns The Riddler, who was last seen when Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas, was running the city.

The Riddler is here to confront someone he has been doing business with and it goes south. Lucky, for the hostages, Bruce Wayne was also in the casino. Batman goes to work and frees’ everyone with the help of the GCPD. Once the goons are defeated and The Riddler gone, all Batman can do is try and solve a puzzle he was given. That’s when from out of nowhere steps Amanda Waller.

With Waller now here the search for The Riddler intensifies, and with that comes hard choices. What follows is quite the chase for Riddler plus some shocking events, that i don’t think anyone saw coming. Plus the return of “John Doe” who we all know is The Riddler, and maybe he finally isn’t as squeaky clean as he seems.

Overall it was a great episode and I’m anxious to see what the rest of the season has in store for us. I give the first episode a 8/10, mainly just for the shocking events that I did not see coming, that is what I’ve come to expect from this series and they deliver.



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