For some time now, 10 years, give or take. Todd McFarlane has been saying he wants to reboot Spawn. Todd McFarlane is the creator of Spawn, and wanted to direct the film at the time he was shopping his script around. Well, this summer, Blumhouse has picked up the script, and will produce the movie. Todd McFarlane will finally get his chance to direct the film.

The first Spawn comic was released in May of 1992, and penned by Frank Miller. The Spawn film was released in 1997, and directed by Mark A.Z. Dippè. 10 years later, and we will now have the reboot we’ve been waiting on. To many fans, the Spawn film was is a classic. I love it, and have been waiting for a sequel or reboot for a long time. The excitement amongst fans of the old film is insane!

Collider recently caught up with Blumhouse’s own Jason Blum. He talked Split sequel Glass and Spawn with them. When speaking about Spawn he stated that it would be a lower budget Superhero than the others. [Read below]

“This Spawn movie is a kind of superhero movie, but a very different kind of feeling superhero movie. I like the idea of low-budget superhero movies. It’s cool.”

He was also asked if they would follow any past comic book arc for the film:

“Yeah, for sure. Todd [McFarlane] is doing it. He’s directing it, which is very cool, so we definitely will.”

Now, the original Spawn would’ve been considered a low-budget film these days. The budget was $40 million, and in 1997 the graphics were amazing. A low budget Superhero film these days would be about $100 million, compared to the big budgets for films like Avengers, Justice League, etc.

The way that Todd McFarlane wants the movie to be set up it seems plausible. He wants Spawn to work more so like Jaws did in the Jaws films, and Twitch (the cop from the comics) to be the main character. Jason Blum is pretty damn good at making low-budget films. I’m sure that this film will be amazing. Do you think that Spawn can be a low-budget film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Heroic Hollywood

– Rascal F. Kennedy



  1. Spawn is my absolute favorite right next to Venom. I am so PUMPED for this! My roommate and I were just talking about this the other day. I also really hope we get another Blade movie. Wesley Snipes has been wanting to make another for quite some time now. I think we need some good villain and anti-hero movies! Just look at the success of Deadpool. People will watch it…now we just need directors to make them 🙂


    • Most definitely, I love Spawn. For me, he was the first black Superhero I ever saw. It’s a good thing Deadpool had the success it had bc now it opens up doors for films like Spawn and Blade.

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      • I would love to see another man of color play Spawn! I also would have enjoyed if an African-American actor would have played the Green Lantern. That poor poor movie. Now there is a movie that needs to be rebooted lol


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