Hell’s Kitchen’s number one criminal will be making his way to Marvel’s The Punisher. 

In case you weren’t already hyped for the upcoming Daredevil spin-off, Turk Barrett, played by Rob Morgan, will be appearing. This will be the fourth Marvel Netflix show he’s appeared on. Turk has already brought his criminal talents to Daredevil, Luke Cage, and The Defenders.

SFX Magazine has an upcoming article on the show, and screenshots have made their way to the web. One of the pictures shows the ever-unfortunate Turk pinned under Frank Castle’s gun.


Things aren’t looking good for him, but let’s hope this particular criminal escapes punishment this time. We don’t have any more information on his appearance, but we can confirm the door that can hold him back still hasn’t been built yet.

Marvel’s The Punisher will premiere on Netflix this year.

Weston Sheffield

Source: Tumblr













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