Dark Nights: Metal #2 Review (SPOILERS)

The second installment of DC’s huge event  is here and oh boy is it something. The first issue was pretty epic, setting up a universe-wide story that’ll have us guessing what’s coming next. This week however, is pretty bananas and I kind of loved it. It’s not perfect though, and I’ll breakdown my thoughts in-depth. Last review was done by fellow writer Ernesto Valenzuela and he broke down the issue with no spoilers, but here I’ll going knee-deep into them so you’ve been warned…


Batman is on the run with one of the most powerful artifacts in the multiverse, and the League are chasing him. For good reason to be honest, with something that powerful I would also make sure he doesn’t mess around and kill us all. Of course it’s Batman so he’s several steps ahead of everybody. He’s got the whole Batfamily impersonating himself, and his own son Damian driving a huge truck naturally.



Watching Bruce using all of his trick up his sleeve is entertaining in it self, then you add the fact that the universe may end if he doesn’t do what needs to do and it amplifies tremendously. It’s fast-paced, action-packed, and just a jolly good ride.

Batman is heading to the tomb of Prince Khufu (which turns out being of Hath Set), with Superman and Wonder Woman on his tail. Before he arrives though, we get a scene featuring a meeting between all of the world’s immortals including but not limited to; Vandal Savage, Ra’s al Ghul, and more. It’s pretty eye widening knowing the scope of this event is so large that all of the world’s longest lasting people, that includes plenty of villains, have to meet up to discuss it all. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo really deliver on the scope they promised us months back, but it does come with some flaws.

When confronted by Supes and Wonder Woman at the tomb, Batman reveals he’s got one more trick up his sleeve. Baby Darkseid. Yeah that’s right Darkseid, the biggest baddest villain from Apokolips is a friggin’ baby. My main thought was how in the heck Batman got him, and why Darkseid was a baby in the first place. Then I recalled the New 52 Justice League story Darkseid War, where it ended having the villain “killed” but then reborn as a baby. He’s grown very little since then but it’s nice to see he has his usual outfit but infant sized.


You would think how Batman got him is a pretty big deal, but it’s not explained at all. Although it seems pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, it pokes holes in an other wise great story. That’s where most of my complaints lie with this issue, and I hope they’re ironed out in the coming months.

Some members of the Court of Owls make a nice cameo, only witness the cause the end of the world. The the last piece of the Metal puzzle, is batmanium. Fitting name to be honest as it causes Batman to writhe in pain as he becomes the doorway between the dark multiverse and their world to bring the god-monster Barbatos. The Dark Joker’s Robins are the first to come out though, and they rip the Court of Owls to shreds. It’s pretty gory, but I would be lying if it wasn’t nice to see the Court of Owls get what was coming to them.

Right behind them though is Barbatos’ Dark Army, and they look like they ain’t playing.


The League is a LOT to deal with now,  it’s hard enough to go up against multiple regular Batmans but ones from the Dark multiverse? They might have to take the L in this one.

In all seriousness, Snyder’s newest epic is coming together well, even if it has a few speed bumps. The action is fantastically drawn by Capullo, with an equally engaging story. I can’t wait what else they legendary creative duo have in store for us, and the next issues could very well determine if this story is one of DC’s greats. I think it will.

Rating: 8.5/10

– Marcos Melendez



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