NBCD: Guide to This Week’s Biggest Releases

Every week, fans from all walks of life flock to their local comic book store to pick up a fresh stack of beautiful panels and pages. Every week, comic book companies gift fans with new stories, arcs, and characters. Stuck on which releases to pick up? Never fear, SuperBro is here. Here’s what to look forward to this week:

Batman The Red Death #1 (DC Comics)

Batman The Red Death (One shot)

As the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL rock the DC Universe, the creatures of the Dark Multiverse stand ready to invade our world! How can even the World’s Greatest Heroes stop a horde of deadly beings that appear to be powerful, nightmare versions of familiar figures? Find out in these special tie-in issues!
Release: September 20, 2017   Writer: Joshua Williamson  Art: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Batman #31 (DC Comics)

Batman #31

‘THE WAR OF JOKES AND RIDDLES’ part five! It’s tough to beat the two biggest puzzlemakers in the world at their own game, and Batman’s gambits have only pulled him deeper into the moral quagmire where the Riddler and The Joker do their dirty work. All of Gotham City hangs in the balance as Batman faces the ultimate conundrum: are brainteasers better than belly laughs?

Release: September 20, 2017   Writer: Tom King   Art: Mikel Janin

Green Arrow # 31 (DC Comics)

Green Arrow #31

HARD TRAVELING HERO’ finale! For a year Oliver Queen has been one step behind the Ninth Circle. Now he knows why: an orbiting fortress from which the super-villain financial empire secretly spies, steals, buys, sells and kills everyone and everything Green Arrow needs to defeat them. And. It. Is. Going. DOWN. It’ll take the whole Justice League to clean up the mess in this epic conclusion to the most star-studded GREEN ARROW story ever!

Release: September 20, 2017   Writer: Ben Percy   Art: Otto Schmidt

Harley Quinn #28 (DC Comics)

Harley Quinn #28

‘Vote Harley’ part two! He’s already sent killers after her and her loved ones…what more can the Mayor do to get Harley Quinn off his back-especially now that she’s gone public in her campaign against him and become shockingly popular? The answer will surprise Harley…and you!

Release: September 20, 2017   Writer: Amanda Conner  Art: John Timms

Star Trek Boldly Go #11 (IDW Publishing)

Star Trek Boldly Go #11 (Cover A - Caltsoudas)

The feathered and fearless space pirate EURYDICE returns to tempt Captain Kirk and the crew of the Endeavour with a daring plan to uncover secrets that could change the fate of the galaxy! Don’t miss the latest chapter of the hit series set after the events of STAR TREK BEYOND!

Release: September 20, 2017   Writer: Mike Johnson   Art: Tony Shasteen

Avengers #11 (Marvel Comics)

Avengers #11

Not every Avenger came out of the Secret Empire’s regime the same as going in.
One of Earth’s Mightiest, in particular, will either step up to lead the team – or retire altogether.

Release: September 20, 2017   Writer: Mike Waid   Art: Alex Ross

Captain America #25 (Marvel Comics)

Captain America #25 (2nd Printing)


Release: September 20, 2017   Writer: Nick Spencer   Art: Jesus Saiz

Luke Cage #5 (Marvel Comics)

Luke Cage #5

Luke Cage is under attack from all sides!
bHis adversaries are rich, powerful and unbreakable.

Release: September 20, 2017   Writer: David Walker   Art: Rahzzah

Tune in to @SBComicCorner to see which new books you should be checking out!

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