Leaked ‘SHAZAM!’ Tapes Show Billy Batson Auditions

We still don’t have word on any casting news for Shazam!, but we do have confirmation the casting process is underway.

Previous rumors of screen-tests for the role have proved true. Three separate tapes, two of which apparently showed off young actors reading for the role of Billy Batson, have emerged. The videos have since been locked from viewing by the casting agency. The videos showed actors Jeremy Michael Lanuti and Ethan Suess performing a scene as Billy Batson.


It’s important to remember, just because we have these tapes doesn’t make it more likely these actors could be cast in the role. That’s still up to the director and producers. But whoever is cast as Billy, he’ll probably be in the same age range as the character in the comics.

The third tape, also locked from viewing, showed young actor Anthony Olague reading for the role of “Carlos”, who is likely one of Billy’s friends.


We’ve had ample rumors for who could play the title role of the super-powered Shazam, such as Derek Theler, Parker YoungJohn Cena and Joshua Sasse. But we haven’t had nearly as many whispers as to who could play the young boy who gets those superpowers. It could be that an unknown child actor is looking to be cast. Whoever it is, stay tuned to SuperBroMovies for updates.

Weston Sheffield

Source: Omega Underground









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