Gwyneth Paltrow Confirms War Machine’s Involvement in “Avengers 4”

Audiences who have been waiting a long time to see the events of Avengers: Infinity War unravel know that at this point anything can change. It is safe to assume that not all of our heroes will live to see another day and that the universe will not be the same as a whole. Infinity War is set to be released next year and the untitled fourth Avengers film is currently filming. Both of these films were first announced as a two part event similar to the last films in the Harry Potter and Hunger Games sagas. Now the third Avengers film is only keeping the Infinity War subtitle and the fourth film has a title being kept under wraps for apparently containing spoilers. What does this mean for the beloved heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Anything can change and those characters who do not have a sequel film already announced may not survive to see the next film.

Before fans start to theorize and make their potential death lists, they can safely assume that War Machine will live to see the events of the fourth film. This confirmation comes from Pepper Potts herself!


She recently invited The Hollywood Reporter to a casual interview to discuss the growth of her self help and healing based company- Goop. Paltrow took over the company last year and  business has never been better with the upcoming launch of a new  magazine. Because of her Pepper Potts like busniess ventures, Paltrow has decided to put acting aside for the moment. When asked about juggling her acting career with Goop, she briefly spoke about her time on the Avengers set.

I need to be here right now. I went to Atlanta to do Avengers 4, so I’m in and out for that, and it’s weird to go back and forth. We’re growing fast, and balls are dropping all the time. But honestly, I was on set and thought, “You sit here for two hours sipping tea, Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle are making me laugh hysterically — why the hell did I give this up?”

She seemingly confirmed Don Cheadle’s return as War Machine for the fourth film. This could lift some stress off one who immediately thought he was going to die. War Machine is always on the potential death lists from fans. Some assumed that he was going to be the one to die in Age of Ultron whenever director Joss Whedon teased a major character death. He was even terribly injured in Civil War. People might assume his death due to him being a supporting character and also the second hero wearing an iron suit. However, he has really grown to prove himself of being worthy of the Avengers title. His involvement and continuing growth in the next two films should have fans excited. How will Thanos effect and change Rhodey? The answer should be clear come next year.

Source: THR

Stay tuned for more updates on the Marvel Cinematic Universe- Andrew J. Salazar (@yokis101)

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