WARNING: The New ‘Injustice 2’ Update Could Delete All Your Character Gear

Xbox One and Playstation 4 users could be in quite a surprise if they update their copy of ‘Injustice 2’. Updating the game with the new patch has cost players to lose all of their gear, ALL OF THEIR GEAR! It doesn’t matter if it was epic, common or legendary, it’s all gone. Even the shaders and motherboxes are gone.

NetherRealm Studios gave this update on the situation.

Also hours latter they have said that the issues are still being worked out and apologize.

I have my console set to automatic downloads so I’m praying mine hasn’t vanished. i have complete faith that NetherRealm will figure this all out and even make it up to us in some way. In the mean time while you wait for your gear to be restored read our review of ‘Injustice 2’, and tweet us at @SBArcadeCorner to let us know if you’re having problems with the update.

– Collin Stetzner

Source – comicbook.com

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