‘THE FLASH’ EP Talks About What To Expect In Season 4

The executive producer of ‘The Flash’, Andrew Kreisberg, was able to shed some light on what to expect from season four of ‘The Flash’. Kreisberg talks about what Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) is going through as she tries to tame Killer Frost, her other part. We also get to know what we should expect of of new characters, Ralph Dibny and the Thinker, in the new season.

In the last episode of season three, Snow was last seen leaving Central City as she tries to work through

with her other personality, but she is not quite out of the woods, in terms of trying to control her other behavior, Killer Frost. Kreisberg gives some insight on where Snow is at when season four premieres:

“Caitlin is continuing to struggle with the cold monster lurking inside of her, but she will definitely come back into the fold in the premiere episode.”

elongated man.jpg

Kreisberg then talks about how we will be meeting Dibny, who is also known as the superhero, the Elongated Man (Hartley Sawyer), and how he will not be what we would expect from the comics:

“There’s going to be a lot of conflict between [him and Barry Allen] in terms of how to be a good guy. Ralph is hitting on everybody all the time. He’s brash and loud and doesn’t listen. He’s also hiding something about how he acquired his powers of malleability.”

Kreisberg says that’s Dibny is going to be one of the big mysteries of the season. It sounds like we will see a lot more of him as the season goes on. I think it will be really fun to see the Elongated Man make his debut on the small screen because if he hits on everybody, it sounds like he has very good personality to entertain in the show while carrying a secret. It adds to the versatility that the actor, Sawyer, could bring to the show.

the thinker the flash season 4

Lastly, the big bad villain, the Thinker, played by Neil Sandilands, is going to give the Flash team challenges throughout the season, but with a interesting twist as Kreisberg explains how this season’s new main bad villain factors into the fourth season:

“[The Thinker] is “an intelligence threat”, who actually isn’t out to foil the Flash. [The fact that] He has a need for him, I would say is more accurate.”

the flash rebirth

It is refreshing that we will get a new main villain that is not associated with the speed force. The third season, particularly, was not a feel very good type of season because Savitar was really pushing the envelope of trying to be the biggest villain the show has ever had. I think the Reverse Flash and Zoom were better villains than Savitar ever was. In a way, I feel this upcoming season has the feel of when we saw Promethus appear as the big bad villain in season five of ‘Arrow’. Which was probably the best villain we have seen on the show. It also helps that this could potentially be the rebirth of the Flash in season four.

Below is the official synopsis the upcoming season of ‘The Flash’:

Running up against an evil time remnant version of yourself is something no one should ever have to do, but that’s exactly what faced Barry Allen (aka The Flash) as he fought to save the life of fiancée, Iris West, from the God of Speed known as Savitar. Barry’s victory was short-lived, however, as an unbalanced Speed Force began to wreak havoc on Central City, forcing Barry to sacrifice himself for the greater good. With The Fastest Man Alive now trapped inside an extra-dimensional energy, and unknown dangers lurking in the shadows, it will be up to Team Flash to free Barry from his own personal Hell.

The season premiere for ‘The Flash’, is October 10 at 8/9c, on the CW.

Are you excited for the fourth season of ‘The Flash’? We would love to hear your predictions or expectations of the new season by tweeting @SuperBroMovies on Twitter.

Lucas Talbot

Source: TV Insider, Heroic Hollywood

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