Flatliners Movie Review

Its been 27 years since the original Flatliners came out and now we have another Hollywood remake. This remake stars Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, James Norton, Kiersey Clemsons as the med students that want to see what happens when you die. Before I get into my review let me just say I didn’t see the original movie and I was actually looking forward to this since the first trailer kind of sold me on the movie. I will be talking about spoilers so read at your caution.


To start off this review I’m going to come out and say I liked this movie. It’s not a perfect movie and it has some problems with it but the movie in general was enjoyable to me and the concept was a great one. The cast works very well with each other with Diego Luna being the standout actor in the movie. The movie contains some cheesy jumps scares which I feel only some of them work while others don’t. I think the movie message that you need to own up to your sins and forgive yourself was a good message. One thing I didn’t like about the movie was how it had a supernatural aspect to it with each of the characters , expect for Diego Luna’s character, seeing ghost that were part of their sins but the movie didn’t feel like it used the supernatural aspect as much as it could. Diego Luna’s character ,who to me was the standout, was the person that the normal audience probably would be as he did not actually flat line himself only was there to help bring back the other characters to life. His character was also the voice of reason which the movie needed as I feel if he wasn’t there movie probably would have ended differently. All the other characters seem to be like the standard generic horror character blue prints with Ellen Page’s character being the leader of the experiment but doesn’t tell the group right away why she is doing it. Norton’s character was the standard party boy/douche guy while Clemson’s character was the standard school girl trying her best to impress her mother. Nina Dobrev’s character was an interesting character seeing as her mistake with accidentally killing a patient early in her career and covering up was interesting and her dynamic with Diego Luna’s character was a highlight of the movie.

I think some people might enjoy this movie as like B horror movie that you rent or watch on Netflix. I enjoyed it in the theater though at times in which my girlfriend was scared I was laughing at some of the scary moments. I think this movie most people might just say watch the original one or don’t watch it but I was entertained for the most part. – Johnathan Brin

Score: 6.5/10

Flatliners is now in theaters

Five medical students embark on a daring and dangerous experiment to gain insight into the mystery of what lies beyond the confines of life. The bold adventure begins when they trigger near-death experiences by stopping their hearts for short periods of time. As their trials become more perilous, each must confront the sins from their past while facing the paranormal consequences of journeying to the other side.

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