Geoff Johns Confirms The DCEU Is All Connected

It was recently annunced by DC Entertainment President, Diane Nelson, and  DC Entertainment’s president and chief executive officer, Geoff Johns, that the DCEU will be adopting a new approach to continuity. That rather than each film having to be bound to an overarching storyline, they can focus instead on the characters and story of that film.

However, this has led some fans to worry that this could mean the DCEU will not be connected at all. Luckily Geoff Johns himself has taken to Twitter to clear this confusion up.

Based on Johns’ tweet, even though the films in the cinematic universe are not strictly bound together, that does not mean the universe is not connected. Rather the DCEU should be thought of as one interconnected world filled with a rich collection of independent characters. – Jacob Campbell

Source: Geoff Johns

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