’The Joker’ Standalone Film will be Separate from the DC Films Universe

According to comicbookmovie.com, Warner Bros. are taking a different path for the DC Films Universe, which would be no longer tying all movie storylines to one major storyline. President Geoff Johns has confirmed that ‘The Joker’ standalone movie will indeed be separate from the rest of the DC Films Universe.

the Joker

As confusing as Warner Bros. has been about their direction for DC movies, this can be taken as a good sign of things progressing slowly. But take it with a grain of salt. The fact that Warner Bros. said that this movie would be is separate from the main universe of DC films could be easily confusing since it would still be under one big DC umbrella. Regular movie fans that don’t follow the DC Universe consistently, could potentially get mixed up on what storyline goes where and don’t want to have to work so hard to put timeline together.

Despite ‘The Joker’ being official as a separate movie, there is yet to be a press statement about it from Warner Bros. Johns has promised that the title of the movie and the new DC Films banner will be revealed soon.


As a big comic book movie fan, I would prefer it if they kept it all in one universe because not only it would be easier to track, it would be really cool to see all the superheroes and villains all come together on the big screen at one point. Unless, they’re really setting up for the multiverse where we could multiple personalities of specific superheroes and villains. Therefore would make sense if that was the path, but it could still be confusing. Once the dust settles, we should be able to find out what kind of plan that Warner Bros. are going with as  they begin to share more stories.

What do you think of the iconic batman villain, the Joker, having his own standalone movie separate from the rest of the DC Films Universe? Do you think it is the right move to do so? @SuperBroMovies are on Twitter so you should share your thoughts with us!

Lucas Talbot

Source: comicbookmovie.com

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