‘SHAZAM!’ Audition Tape Teases Shazam Jr And Justice League Connection

Production for Shazam has gone underway. With no news of who will officially be playing in the film, several audition tapes have been reportedly leaked.

Omega Underground has uncovered audition tapes for Shazam Jr. aka Freddy Freeman.

Actor Brendan Heard (Odd Squad) is seen below auditioning for the role of Freddy Freeman under the title Frank, which could possibly be a nod to Shazam artist Gary Frank.


The tape reveals Frank, a disabled foster child who is envious of Billy Batson’  powers. This information connects with comic book character Freddy Freeman (Shazam Jr.) a boy becomes disabled by the fight between Shazam and Captain Nazi. Shazam later transfers some of his powers to Freddy who then becomes Shazam Jr.

The tape also reveal Shazams connection to the DC Universe. Frank is a Batman and Superman superfun having a replica Batman batarang and a Superman bullet shell that bounced off of him. This is the second time Superman has been mentioned which furthers the connection  Shazam has with D.C. most recent films by Warner Bros.

With some previous audition tapes revealing the roles for Billy Batson and others, the cast should be revealed soon. – Daega Pinkston

Shazam is set to release in 2019.

Source: Omega Underground

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