‘Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 2: The Pact’ Review


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Our Telltale Dark Knight is back in the second episode of ‘Batman: The Enemy Within’, and this time around, well, spoiler alert it’s not that exciting. Through six episodes the Batman Telltale series has given me some high expectations, the previous episodes in this story have all wowed, shocked, and given me the impression that this is one of the greatest Batman stories ever told.

Now you might think that after saying all that and giving praise to the previous episodes that I hated this one, well, i didn’t it was still a good episode.

‘The Pact’ finally introduces us to John Doe’s friends, and those friends contain some of Batman’s biggest foes, and if they all stick around the finale of the season could be huge. Building on some of the major points of episode one, and still giving a solid play through i give this episode a 6.5/10. I expect this to be the lowest rated of any episodes this season.

Collin Stetzner


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