With Lance Hunter returning to Agents of Shield it looks Mockingbird herself wants to come back to the show. Adrianne Palicki who plays the character said she is willingly to return to the show. She said the following during New York Comic Con.

“If they ask me, I would absolutely come back, I know Nick’s coming back,” So what are they gonna do without Bobbi is all I’m asking. I would absolutely make a cameo. For sure.”

Nick Blood’s Lance character  is set to return this upcoming season after his and Palicki’s character were written out during season 4. The two were suppose to have their own spinoff series called Marvel’s Most Wanted but ABC passed on the project.  Right now Palicki can be seen on Fox’s The Orville. Do you want to see Mockingbird return to Agents of Shield? Tweet us @superbromovieson twitter for your thoughts – Johnathan Brin

Source: IB Times


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