The maestro is back again to watch over our caped crusader. Christopher Nolan, the director of his own Dark Knight trilogy, has been occasionally involved in the new DC cinematic universe movies. First with Man of Steel, earning a Story by and Producer credit. Fans were really excited when his name came up again on the credits for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. While many attributes of that film were polarizing. One thing (besides Wonder Woman) came out unscathed. Ben Affleck’s Batman was a surprise hit among naysayers. How much of that can be attributed to Nolan, we may never know. But once again fans can be giddy over the idea of seeing his name in the credits of a DC movie.


During an NFL game this past weekend, a TV spot for Justice League played with some interesting new information. The credits flashed quickly, but eagle eyed fans at snapped a picture. Next to Executive Producers, Christopher Nolan is the first name listed. His involvement is a great sign for an already great looking movie. With so many new players and a shifting tone, hopefully Nolan can see that Batman comes through the movie with even more praise than from BvS.


For more – Cole Hickey


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