Marvel’s Inhumans – Episode 3: “Divide and Conquer” Review

Marvel’s Inhumans didn’t exactly win over audiences with its series premiere last week, and I myself didn’t very much enjoy it. That being said, I really want to give the show a chance, and I came into the third episode trying to be a little more optimistic. So, does the third chapter manage to improve upon the first two?

Well, yes and no.

There is definitely potential. Somewhere, buried beneath it all, there’s a good show in here. But instead of exploring the otherworldly and mythical aspects that make the comics what they are, we’re treated to more of the same, less exciting moments that really dragged the first two episodes through the mud.

The show picks up with the royal family still scattered throughout Hawaii, and some storylines did manage to develop with each member. Medusa is still trying to get used to her new surroundings, and you can tell how out of place she feels. Overall, her arc felt very genuine. The problem is, there really isn’t anything exciting about it.
We get more of the “fish out of water” humor here, with Medusa at one point yelling at an ATM, demanding that it pay her because she’s the queen. And it just…doesn’t work. At all.

Black Bolt finds himself in a Hawaiian jail, allied with a mysterious inmate. His storyline is probably the most investing of the royal family’s current situation, and some flashbacks are peppered throughout the episode, adding some much needed depth to the king.

Even still, it’s hard to sympathize with him and I’m still finding it easier to side with Maximus, which shouldn’t be the case. The flashbacks portray Bolt as a sort of arrogant and overconfident kid who doesn’t want to be king, and yet the very same flashback shows that Maximus wants to take the throne. This kind of left me wondering if Black Bolt should even be king at all.

Speaking of which, Maximus is still up to no good back on Attilan, trying to sway Crystal to his side. Iwan Rheon still gives a great performance, and Maximus’ plan begins to move a little further along, but other than that, he doesn’t really do much. It feels like he’s really only there to explain himself and give speeches.
Through his storyline, we’re introduced to a new Inhuman named Mortis. While he might look cool and mysterious, we’re given no information about him whatsoever. He’s locked up, set free, and that’s it. However, he does sport a much better costume than the rest of the cast, and the fact that Maximus is cautious to set him free makes him more intimidating.

Though he got the short end of the stick this week, Gorgon’s arc gave us what is probably the show’s most exciting action sequence so far, throwing down with Auran and Mortis. The choreography, however, needs to be addressed. Too often are there camera angles that are awkward looking, or punches that clearly didn’t land. Black Bolt is at the center of a prison break sequence later on in the episode, and again, the choreography is almost laughable.

Ah, the classic wisdom tooth super hold.

And Karnak for some reason winds up stumbling upon and being captured by marijuana farmers? I’ll give it to Ken Leung, he shows off some great acting here, but this whole thing was just bizarre. The premiere showed Karnak to be a skilled martial artist, and for some reason, he cannot untie himself and fight off three drug dealers.

Lockjaw is present for a few minutes, transporting Crystal to Earth and helping her escape Atillan. Then he gets hit by an ATV, where the episode ends. So, he’ll probably be sidelined for a while. A giant bulldog is pretty expensive to put onscreen, after all.
When it comes down to it, a lot of the show’s problems stem from its plot and low budget. The characters can’t use any of their powers because the budget will not allow for it, and as a result, we’re treated to a boring, one hour long snooze fest of a superhero drama.

“Divide and Conquer” is a slight improvement over the last two episodes, but it still doesn’t manage to make the series any more exciting.

Rating: 4/10 

Written by Danny O’Brien

Inhumans – “After a military coup, the Inhuman Royal Family escape to Hawaii where they must save themselves and the world.”

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