Oliver Will Be ‘More Mature’ In Season 6 Of ‘ARROW’

Arrow Season 5 left audiences both puzzled and amazed. The show had seemingly come out of the ashes and became arguably the best DC tv show at the time, and there was, of course, that insane finale and cliff hanger which I won’t spoil right now. In a recent interview, Stephen Amell commented on how Oliver will change as a result of the events of last season and how he will be more mature.



What is Oliver’s mindset when we pick back up with him this season? How different is he now?

“Oliver, at the beginning of the season, he’s very at peace, even though obviously what happened on the island was so catastrophic and has left him in a new position as a dad, and in a very different position as a friend, and a brother. That being said, his mindset actually reminds me a lot — if there was a corollary to it — it would be right around the start of our fourth season, but it’s not because he’s left the life. I think that he’s made his peace with all of the things that it entails. He feels as though he’s doing his best. The most important thing for me this year, and this is how I approach every scene that we have — I was just reading episode 606 and I thought to myself, “This is interesting, but if he does this this way, has he learned his lessons?” I think about this being a new chapter in so far as we had our five year backstory and it coincided with the end of season 5, but now everything he does, if he doesn’t apply some sort of lesson that he has learned over the past five years, then it devalues that experience.”

It seems odd to me that Oliver would be “at peace” considering he may or may not have just seen all his loved ones die while with his son, but I do like how he will be learning from his past experiences.

Oliver is going to have to step up as a father this year. How is he handling that? But also how is William handling being his son?

“Oliver’s doing his best, but obviously he’s learning on the fly. This is not a situation where William went from an infant to a toddler to — he’s on the verge of being a teenager now and Oliver has had to step in. William has also had to deal with seeing things for the first time in his life that would traumatize anybody. So Oliver is doing his best, but William is a reluctant participant, so to speak.”

Are we seeing a lighter Oliver this season?

“I wouldn’t say light. I hate that word, I don’t mind that you use it, but I think it’s a more mature version of Oliver that looks at a situation, makes a decision, and then lives with it. It’s a lot less of that angst and the guilt and the brooding. That all comes back to being part of, “What did you learn in season 5?” The biggest thing that I take away is, in episode 523, when Chase wants me to kill him, and I say to him, “That’s who I was, that’s not who I am anymore.””

I personally loved the dark and angsty Oliver from last season, but like I said, Oliver needs to develop as a character, especially having been doing this for 10 years now (if you include his time on the island).

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Source – Entertainment Weekly

Caleb Sadd

Arrow returns to the CW on Thursday, October 12th.


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