The CW Arrowverse is back this week; ‘Supergirl’ premiered last night, today we have ‘The Flash’ and ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’, finally followed up by the granddaddy of them all, ‘Arrow’, on Thursday. Just like last year, we will be getting a giant crossover event between the shows. This year’s crossover is set to take place over two nights, with Stephen Amell calling it a “four hour movie.”

What’s the reason all these heroes will be gathered?Well, it’s the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West, and like anything in Barry’s life, it doesn’t go smoothly. Opposite versions of our heroes, from an evil Earth where the Nazis won World War II, are attacking Earth 1.

Spoiler Alert

While it was set to be Barry and Iris’s wedding, it seems as though we will be getting a second wedding also. Thanks to set photos from canadagraphs on Twitter, we’ve learned that Felicity and Oliver will also be getting married, and who is officiating the wedding? Well none other than our good friend Diggle.

Looks like we have an answer for you as to who survived the ‘Arrow’ season 4 finale. What do you think about the reunion of Olicity? Let us know by tweeting us at @SuperBroMovies, and make sure you watch the CW shows as they come out and check back for our reviews. It’s Tuesday so take a look at our ‘Supergirl’ review!

Collin Stetzner


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